May 23, 2011

go get it

one of my favorite things about the weeks before summer is that so many albums are released right before their summer tour. there are a ton of albums i'm anticipating, but i couldn't help but recommend a few albums that i will definitely be playing on repeat. and repeat. and repeat. 

foster the people "torches" - i've posted their smash "pumped up kicks" before, but i literally loved every second of every song. walking home from work today put a little kick to my step on this gross monday. here is another jam, if this doesn't get you to buy their album (which came out today!). also be sure to check out "call it what you want" and "don't stop (color on the walls)"

fleet foxes "helplessness blues"- so i bought "helplessness blues" a few weeks ago but i didn't get a chance to listen to it until this past week, and i absolutely love their folksy vibe and their sicksicksick guitar riffs. take a listen to "montezuma". if this song doesn't tug at your heartstrings, then i don't know what will. honorable mentions: "helplessness blues"

bon iver "bon iver"- so the world exploded when justin vernon's self-titled "bon iver" album leaked to the world (apparently by itunes? shaaaame)... it has a different, but good, satisfaction than his first album, for emma, forever ago. i managed to get my hands on it and i can't get over how poetic and beautiful his songs are. only funky song that i'm still trying wrap my head around is "beth/rest". take a listen to "calgary", which has been blowin' up everywhere.

so all three albums are different in many ways, so i hope you all find something you all will love!


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