May 17, 2012


can't stop, won't stop listening to this song. makes me want to start an impromptu solo dance party. kind of fitting for my turning one year older. 

"don't tell me that our youth is running out, its only just begun" furrrealzzzz

May 3, 2012

not your friend


first original track by RAC, and it's great. mostly known for his thumpin' remixes, mr. anjos is doing sweet justice to this catchy beat.

ps, happy birthday mollie !!!

Apr 16, 2012


this song post is for my much missed roomie ms. leveroni :)

heard about this chick after she did a sick cover of arcade fire's "suburbs" so i had to do a little more investigating on mr little jeans aka monica birkenes

Mar 28, 2012


this song reminds me that summer is just around the corner. and the song title has a little more meaning to me, which is rad. win win.

speaking of win, #megamills anyone? just bought 20... go big or go home.

another win, CAYMAN ISLANDS tomorrow! yesssss.

Mar 15, 2012

call me maybe

this week's inspo board... all white outfit, longin' for the beach (2 weeks yay!), and some words of inspo for the hectic week.



Mar 7, 2012


seriously. watch this. well worth the 30 mins of your night/morning. truly inspired by the construction and fluidity of this movement. great soundtrack too, i might add.

after watching, you should do this:
1. sign the pledge here: 

Mar 5, 2012



fairly sure i play this song about 5 times before i go to bed. i want to use the word sensual, but i use that word too much. trust me, you'll definitely want to get naked to this song, but in the most beautiful way ever. 

Feb 22, 2012

take care

i've had this gem locked away for too long. thanks to the handy shuffle-- we meet again. such a gorgeous cover of drake's "take care" by florence + the machine. normally not a huge fan of them, but this is a beauty.

also, gov ball lineup is up:
saturday looks pretty dope, see you there?

Feb 6, 2012


everyone needs to put down what they're doing, listen to this san fran dude, and start boogyin'. i absolutely did just say boogyin' and that may or may not be how to spell it. you get the point. as much as i love a solid rebeat (a new term i dubbed for remix), his foot-thumping originals are where it's at.

best of the best below...