Mar 30, 2011


holy shit, we're alive. as cut copy sings it best, "lights and music are on my mind". literally. after a long weekend of bass and beats, i'm officially worn out to the bones. from our flights being cancelled thursday night (thanks to the very generous dave tepper for flying us down!) to being semi-permanently deaf come monday, it was absolutely worth every minute.

ultra music festival did NOT disappoint. I can't say enough how much fun everyone was, probably the best 40,000+ crowd you could ask for. The music, for one, was outrageous. from the big names like deadmau5, cut copy, and the chemical brothers to up and coming acts such as avicii, netsky, mstrkrft, skrillex, etc... everyone's sets were uhhhhh-mazing. i'll upload the videos i took another time, but here are some pics we took of this weekend...

needless to say, i am taking a tiny break from the bass and beats-- with the exception of seeing LCD Soundsystem's last concert ever (still can't wrap my head around it) this Saturday. so i'm thoroughly enjoying this cover yeasayer did of seal's classic song "crazy". the little folk twist they put into this song was just perfect. when it came out a month or two ago, i couldn't stop playing it. i was being greedy, so thought i'd share it now.

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